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Daytona College and Florida Hospital Daytona College and Florida Hospital

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Daytona College and Florida Hospital teamed up with Celebrity Stylist Jonathan Antin to pay tribute to Breast Cancer Survivors.

Mr. Antin worked with Daytona College’s cosmetology students to provide free VIP hair styles and hair coloring for breast cancer survivors. Survivors and guests were able to see Mr. Antin in action working with the students to provide a great free service to the ladies living with breast cancer.

Yasmin, Tina, CKay and Heather

Our very own Tina Solomon and C.Kay Streight met Mr. Antin as he made his rounds to each student providing the cut and/or color.

The Spa at Daytona College provides a hands-on experience to work with the general public. This enables the students to practice their skills and get confidence to face the real world.

All services are performed under the supervision of a licensed clinical instructor. Clients receive professional treatments at discounted rates.

Daytona College - 425 South Nova Road – Ormond Beach, FL – 386.267.0565


Don’t ignore your emotional health!

Depression is more than just feeling sad or hopeless, it is a disorder consisting primarily of a depressed mood and loss of interest in normal activities. Depression can occur at any time during cancer treatment, it may occur as a reaction to multiple side effects of cancer and its treatment.

Call your doctor immediately if you:
 Have thoughts of suicide - unable to eat or sleep - are severely restless
 Feel emotions that interfere with daily activities for more than a few days

If other symptoms appear to be the cause of depression there are treatments to alleviate them. People with milder forms of depression may find benefit from counseling. A range of complementary therapies such as art therapy, meditation and cancer support groups may also be helpful.

Find additional info at the following websites:

Cancer and Depression


American Cancer Society

Depression and Anxiety


Am. Society of Clinical Oncology






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SURVIVE: to live or last through; endure to live longer than; outlive; outlast
CANCER SURVIVOR: a person that has outlived, outlasted, endured through their disease.
The definition of survivor also includes family, friends and voluntary caregivers who are affected by the diagnosis in any way.